Thursday, October 11, 2012

CELEBRATING HALLOWEEN MONTH: "Halloween's Time" by Guest Ken L. Jones


Halloween’s Time
Ken L. Jones

When autumn leaves start to fall
When things are ripening on the vine
When there’s just a hint of chill upon the wind
Then you will know
It’s almost Halloween’s time

When you look at an old bed sheet
And realize it could disguise
You as a ghost
When it’s scary stories
You want to hear
At bedtime most

When penny candy
Is on your mind
Then you will know that
It’s almost Halloween’s Time

When broom sticks seem
Like they should fly
When the moon
Is orange in
A rain filled sky
When every shadow
Seems a spirit spry
Then you will know
It’s almost Halloween’s time

When black cats hiss
On your backyard fence
Causing nightmares
That almost convince
But at the breakfast table
All seems fine
Then you will know
It’s almost Halloween’s time

When lightening cracks
And thunder moans
And cardboard cutouts of monsters
Decorate every home
When pumpkins
Start to need a face
And mischievous pranks
Through your thoughts do race
And every creaking floorboard
Is a banshee’s whine
Then you will know
It’s almost Halloween’s Time.


Ken L. Jones has been writing professionally for several decades. Although he has written everything from Donald Duck comic books to putting words in the mouth of Freddy Krueger in the movies he likes to think of himself first last and always as a poet. Currently he is working on a short horror movie with his son and sometimes collaborator Kevin for horror director David Todd Ocvirk. When not doing that he is also writing an insane amount of horror and other types of genre short stories and novellas and is editing three or four huge collections of his never ending flow of poetry including a volume of his much published horror work Blood Is Red which will be his second solo book of horror poetry.

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