Wednesday, October 17, 2012

CELBRATING HALLOWEEN MONTH with More David S. Pointer Poetry

Midnight Meal Ideas
David S. Pointer

Head like a Halloween
prop, she serves us
witches’ brew that
turns out to be a
medical waste milk-
shake concoction, and
a zombie kidnapping
ring leader wants to
barter for stem cell
meat bits for his kids,
costumed, who pieced
together outfits from a
local body parts bin
showing how flesh
can enliven the dead

David S. Pointer

alien zombies
trick or meat eat
in butcher shop aisle

priest eye candy
devil horn soup
cloned earthling eats all

About the Author: David Scott Pointer has published poems for over twenty years. He has a recent steam punk themed collection “Sinister Splashplay” published by “Virgogray Press” and available at He will also have work included in “Indiana Science Fiction 2012” anthology to be sold Moreover, a collection of political poetry is forthcoming from “Brian Wrixon Books in Canada available through “Blurb Books.” and he has work in many “Static Movement” titles also sold at

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