Saturday, October 13, 2012

CELBRATING HALLOWEEN MONTH with Guest Poet David S. Pointer

Haunted House Attractions
Fluid accumulation
inside the monster’s
sac-like cavity where
he kept all his candy
was leaking, I told
him about it, and he
started pulling out
all his intrabdominal
pus biscuits and those
wrapped chocolate bits,
as we entered the big
lobby where everyone
knew the biggest bone
was a femur baseball
bat. Everyone needed
a ticket to see those
butterfly-shaped cranial
bones get boiled into
showtime potato chips
as we settled in for the
old ghost moan matinee
projected onto a gigantic
gothic mirror, auditorium
filled with red steel tractor
seats in a cinema cemetery

And an Untitled Spec-Haiku

fossilized candy
reconstituted tricks
same bloodcurdling night
About the Author: David Scott Pointer has published poems for over twenty years. He has a recent steam punk themed collection “Sinister Splashplay” published by “Virgogray Press” and available at He will also have work included in “Indiana Science Fiction 2012” anthology to be sold at Moreover, a collection of political poetry is forthcoming from “Brian Wrixon Books in Canada available through “Blurb Books.” and he has work in many “Static Movement” titles also sold at

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