Saturday, January 18, 2014



Visitors to my blog are familiar with the work of Dorothy Davies and Ken and Kevin Jones. Thirteen Press is co-edited by myself and these three talented writers.


Thirteen is an imprint of Horrified Press, owned and operated by Nathan J.D.L. Rowark

Here is Nathan's Facebook announcement of the partnership:

Horrified Press would like to formally announce its new imprint - Thirteen Press - which will begin operations shortly. All open calls for 'Thirteen Press' will begin to appear on the Horrified Press site soon ( Thirteen Press will be handled by a pool of talented editors & authors, some of them familiar to you I'm sure. The brainchild of the frankly marvelous George Wilhite, Dorothy Davies, Ken L. Jones and Kevin L. Jones, Thirteen Press promises to open up a whole new dimension of literary terror. Exciting times for authors and horror fans alike! Details to come...

You may follow the progress of this venture at the following links:

While Dorothy has several anthologies live there already, the first joint effort from the four of us is At the Stroke of Thirteen which proudly boasts work from our guest writer Nick Cuti.

Nick is a fabulous comic book writer who has appeared in many publications (click on his name above or link below for a full list) including Creepy, E-Man, and Vampirella.

We honored by his collaboration and I can assure you there are some other terrific and genuinely horrifying stories being compiled for this Thirteen Press debut.