Monday, July 2, 2012

In Memoriam: Two Poems for Ray Bradbury by Ken L. Jones

Today's guest is poet, horror author and comic book scribe Ken L. Jones. A short bio is included at the end of this post, but to add some context to the poems, Ken had the opportunity to meet Mr. Bradbury so these are memoirs of a friend as well as honorary words from a fan. The first poem is written in memoriam, the second was written by Ken wrote a couple of years ago for Bradbury's birthday and was passed on to its honored subject by a mutual friend. 

Dirge for Ray Bradbury
by Ken L. Jones

Red Planet nighttime
Strolls along a beachside as it fades away
Into everything all at once
A spoonful of campfires lights my way
That has the rhythm that burns all books
And like a merry-go-round reversing at super speed
He is gone, he is gone
And from what was once like a carnival of snow
Falling on the earthlings below
He says here’s to all the dreamers
Who are still alive now carry on
And now it is time for me to go
To be the singer of the poetry
Of what awaits us all on the other side
My words are my voice I have left behind
Be good to one another
Oh man be kind
Until I see you again some other time

The Man Who Photographed A Painting of Suddenly The Impossible Happened
(For Ray Bradbury)
 by Ken L. Jones
Empty rusty iron beaches
Whose cliffs are like Buddhas
That have lost their heads
Offer me a penny
For my kick the can
Floating thoughts
But I tell them I am too busy
Reading a copy of
Jack In The Beanstalk
That I saved from the fires at
The library at Alexandra instead
While I make a breakfast
Of the glistening White Chapel fog
That twirls around my head
I am strangely sad
Like a shadow puppet
I am unrecognizable in all
That I will never understand
I want to be more unreal
Than a tape recorder
I want to be more than pouring raindrops
Twirled by a ceiling fan
I have yet to find out if there is a Statue of Liberty
On the dark side of the moon
Or why Alpha Centauri
Performs a ballet in the summer sky
I want to live forever
Like I was a comic strip character
I want to pull out the intestines
From the word goodbye
But the open sea’s crashing waves
Walk about on stilts made of riptides
That end in shoes of tangled kelp
Night is coming on
Like a lost child unbidden
Yet my muse has on
A kimono that is very Dionysian
As it parts to reveal
All that I have ever
Truly wanted or care about or felt
I am grown old and my body betrays me
But like Quixote
At windmills I continue to tilt
Still blessed with a child’s imagination
After nine decades
Screaming with joy like Tarzan
As I race on foot
Across the African veldt.

About Today's Guest: Although he has been writing professionally for over thirty years and does every kind of writing you can imagine from comic books to doctoring movie scripts Ken L. Jones considers himself first last and always a poet which doesn’t mean that he doesn’t find time to write a lot of horror and other genre style short stories too. His work has appeared in many of the fine Static Movement anthologies of late as well as such companies as Red Skies Press and Panic Press too and to answer your question yes he did have the opportunity to become friendly with the great Mr. Ray Bradbury back in the days when Ken was a famous cartoonist who used to attend the San Diego Comic Con as did Mr. Bradbury.

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  1. Great poems, Ken, a very nice tribute to Ray Bradbury!