Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another Ray Bradbury Tribute by David S. Pointer

David S. Pointer (full bio below) is a poet and frequent contributor to my Static Movement anthologies. As a follower of this blog, he noticed I posted Ken L. Jones's tribute to Ray Bradbury, and sent me his own tribute as well.

Ray Bradbury Rides Again
David S. Pointer

The bio-engineered angels
attend Ray Bradbury’s second
service, reanimating him then
fly into deep space where acres
of prescription pills are being
planted as seed crop in misshapen
soil mounds and decorative pod
gardens for the outer space elite
as Ray points to an earthly period
between 1904-1913 when a private
entrepreneur bought up most of the
American medical schools while
partnering with FDA for increased
profits with pills replacing natural
plant medicine, green soon plowed
asunder as Orwell crawled in his
Indian crib and Bradbury circled
this old earth one more time then
asked the angels for anatomically
correct space wheels equipped
with a steam computer fishtailing
on up into unknown atmosphere

About the Author: David S. Pointer has published social and political poems in the small press scene for 22 years. In 2007, while taking a surgical technology program, David decided to add horror and Science Fiction poetry to his writing arsenal. David was also influenced by Ray Bradbury when he was a child and teenager. Recently, David has a new chapbook released entitled “Sinister Splashplay” at “Virgogray Press” available at www.lulu.com. David’s work has recently been published or will appear in “Weird City 3,” “Mass Dissidence” “Science Gone Mad” and other “Static Movement” anthologies. Moreover, David will have poems in all three anthologies “Indiana Crime 2012,” “Indiana Horror 2012,” and “Indiana Science Fiction 2012.” Finally, David will have a flash fiction story in the upcoming anthology entitled “Battlespace.” This anthology is a fund raiser for wounded veterans participating in the Warrior Cry Music Project which helps veterans heal through the arts.

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