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A Conversation with Horror Writer and Director Brianna Stoddard

Today's guest is Brianna Stoddard, a writer, editor, screenwriter and director of horror and erotica. We are fellow editors of themed anthologies at Static Movement. Brianna is here to talk about her work and writing process. Please check out her web site and Static Movement Calls for Submissions at the end of tis post.

Welcome, Brianna. Much of your own work and the anthologies you edit contain elements of erotica. Did you start writing erotica first, then crossover to the horror genre, vice versa, or has your writing always had elements of both?

I started my first “professional” novella when I was 15, but it took several more years to finish it as life got in the way. I had been writing ever since I was young, but that is my first piece to get accepted and published. Which by the way, is a lesbian erotic story now named How much is love worth? It is available now in many places around the net.  So yes, I started initially in the erotica genre but moved onto many more. I can’t specifically stay in one place since I find I can have more fun bouncing around and seeing where it takes me. For me, I enjoy writing horror the most. I guess I just have a wicked imagination.

The theme of our anthology Ruby Red Cravings is vampires, a theme that has been visited many times. What was your approach to keeping the book fresh and unique?

I didn’t really have to ask for much, I just asked for original and that’s what the talented authors gave me. I only slapped it together. I owe the great stories to them, although I did give some ideas that were used in the stories.

Your own three contributed stories for Ruby Red Cravings all have a common thread-children as vampires. Is this a theme you have developed, or plan to, in other works?

I am not the first and I probably won’t be the last, but yes I hoped I was the first to think of them with a vicious “killer” personality. I would love to write a children’s or young adult book to that effect. I just have to decide how far I’m going to go, it all depends what age group it is appropriate for. I will enjoy that. Some pretty good ideas are already coursing through my brain begging for attention, thanks for giving me the idea!

Your website states you are also a screenwriter and director. What kinds of projects are you working on, or have completed, in these areas?

I am sadly having trouble directing films in my hometown right now. But I have two Christmas videos I have filmed of my daughter. I am putting them up for Christmas on my YouTube page this year. I just hope good luck comes my way to get more done. I am on the verge of selling my first screenplay, so I am really excited. I have two completed right now to sell, a horror and a lesbian romance. I am sending my romance in to an agent in New York, so we’ll see. I have too many fighting for my attention though. I will be busy busy busy- for a long time.

What is/are your current writing project(s)?

I am trying to get into any anthology I can while waiting for agents for my screenplays and children’s books. I try what I can to fill my own anthologies for Static Movement while I also advertise as much as I can for my books on the market. I’d love to see more sales in that area. No one ever said writing was easy or always paid a bunch of money, but I am working toward that goal and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

What writers and books have influenced your craft and how?

Everyone I meet through my editing has an awesome talent, and I am constantly surprised. I have read many stories to get me inspired and to learn new words I haven’t heard. Plus it always helps to think of something no one has discussed. But my biggest inspiration comes from Marquis de Sade , JK Rowling, and Stephanie Meyer. They are my favorite writers of all time and they inspire me to reach for my dreams. JK Rowling had it pretty tough, which is kind of where I am, so if she can become that successful- then why not me? Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarantino, and Tim Burton are my favorite directors. They inspired me to write screenplays and to become a director. I hope someday I can meet those amazing men.

Thanks for stopping by, Brianna, and good luck on all your endeavours.

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Brianna Stoddard is a 26-year-old redhead from Pennsylvania. She writes, edits, designs amazing costumes and clothes, all while trying to manage single parenthood with two crazy (but very loveable) kids. She can be found on Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook. Stop by and check out her site. She always loves meeting a new friend!

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