Sunday, June 3, 2012

Donna Del Oro: Behind "The Delphi Bloodline" Part One of Six

Today we begin a series of six blogs by guest blogger Donna Del Oro, each providing insight into her novel The Delphi Bloodline, released on June 1, 2012 by Musa Publishing. Please join us over the next week to learn more about this exciting new novel.

The Philosophy of “The Flow” by Donna Del Oro

How to explain my vision of “The Flow” or spirit world that my heroine Athena Butler, a gifted clairvoyant, alludes to often in my romantic thriller, THE DELPHI BLOODLINE?  Below is a passage that might begin to explain this vision of mine and its important role in the story.
Athena has just explained to her friend, Kas Skoros, that she has telepathic visits with her psychic mother. That is how they keep in touch with each other at night when they are separated by thousands of miles.

“How do your night visits with your mother work?” Kas asked.
“Difficult to explain. I send my Upper Mind, which is separate from my biological brain—anyway, I send it out there into…”
“Into the Flow, a dimension where our spiritual consciousness lives. I can float about at will, go where I want, observe, interact with other spiritual entities or souls. Sometimes, a spirit will call me. Sometimes I’m drawn to a certain spirit or moment in time.
“My mother calls it The Flow, or the World of Spirits. I think physicists would call it a dimension we have not discovered yet, the invisible dimension around our planet that holds all of the thoughts and memories of past and future mankind. Everything that humans have experienced or will experience. A kind of vast CD storage place. Did you know, Kas, that most physicists believe there are at least ten dimensions? Humans know and experience only three. Einstein discovered a fourth. The others will become known as humans evolve.”
“Uh-huh,” was all Kas could manage.
“Anyway, it’s our way of connecting with each other when we’re apart. My mother and me. She comes to me or I go to her. Tonight I’m going to try to go to Italy and find her. I feel she’s in the mountains somewhere.”
Athena’s disembodied voice, soft and modulated, was lulling him to sleep. He wanted to keep listening to her, fought to stay awake. The Flow. Spiritual entities. In his concrete, material world, this was all bizarre as hell.
“Wow. You bottle this, Athena—this ability to move your mind around this planet and it’ll put the airlines out of business,” he joked. His own voice sounded rough and slurred, like he’d just been shot with Novocain. “It’s a kind of time travel. My mother travels forward. You travel back in time to ancient Greece. Incredible.” He yawned loudly. “Tell Annabella hello for me.”

Although Kas Skoros claims to be a Guardian of the Delphi bloodline, like his father is to his mother, he lacks the psychic ability of these women he admires so much. Nevertheless, his courage and commitment to the survival of this bloodline compensate for this lack. His dark, good looks and good humor ultimately win Athena over, and she allows him the privilege of being her Guardian. They do not plan on falling in love with each other, and it is this newfound love of theirs that prompts Athena to visit The Flow again, this time to visit the spirit of Kas’s dead brother. What she tells Kas about that visit becomes the emotional and philosophical climax of the book.
Writing about The Flow was a wonderful release for me spiritually. I’ve always believed in another dimension of spiritual energy, and the physics of such a dimension made so much logical sense to me. I’m looking forward to hearing from readers about The Flow. Do they believe such a dimension is possible, even likely? How closely does this vision of The Flow align with the Judeo-Christian idea of heaven? The Hindus’ belief in the Afterlife?  Have they ever experienced a connection with such a dimension?

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  1. Blending the physical with the spiritual this way is interesting. I'd never considered it in quite the light of "The Delphi Bloodline." It does fit well with Jung's theories of archetypes, and the concept of ancestral memories. This sounds like the Akashic. The difference would be that the Akashic (as I understand it) is strictly a storage place for records, not somewhere to actually visit souls. Hmmm.

    The "Delphi Bloodline" promises to be as interesting, if very different from "A Bodyguard of Lies," which I much enjoyed.

  2. Donna's articles queued up for this week have certainly made my curious about the book.