Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Musa Publishing to publish Silhouette of Darkness--Tales of Horror and Dark Fantasy

My second collection of short horror fiction, Silhouette of Darkness will be released by Musa Publishing in Fall 2012.

It will feature 15 tales of fantasy and dark horror, including one reprint from my first collection, On the Verge of Madness, "The Chronicles of Raven: Murmurers." Since that story is continued in this collection in "The Chronicles of Raven: Once out of Nature," the first installment has been reprinted but re-edited.

Other stories include supernatural horror, science fiction and dark fantasy tales involving ghosts, demons, creatures of my own design, and inexplicable and monstrous forces of Nature. Several are also set in dystopian futures.

I am excited to have found a publisher for this collection and will provide more information moving forward here and at Authors Den.

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