Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My flash story, "Life Inside a Jar" published for the first time in Liquid Imagination #13

Life Inside a Jar

by George Wilhite

They wasted no time resurrecting Hector once more, per his contract. His knowledge of the plague, both from research and then exposure, was invaluable, so money was no object.

Hector had wondered what his earliest memories would be the second time around. Now he knew. Two months from embryo to mass of brain, eyeballs, and a few strands of nerves swirling in a jar of their “secret sauce,” the patented synthetic placenta that drove regeneration...

Read the rest of the story and the entire issue free online at:


  1. What a hook!! You've got me, George. Like your writing style and your blog.

  2. Thanks. They sure nailed the art work. The idea came from imagining a jar on a table very much like this one.