Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Skullface Chronicles, the ONLY zombie book you should read--from Dorothy Davies

The Skullface Chronicles

The Skullface Chronicles:

The ONLY zombie book you should read.

Skullface emerges from his unmarked grave in a copse on the Isle of Wight and spends nine days walking around the island, as well as making difficult journeys to the mainland, saying goodbye to all he knew. Every night he withdraws into himself and relives his past, coming to terms with all he was, all he did and how and why he ended up in that unmarked grave. It's a powerful potent book.

On Reviewer stated: "This is a darkly original take on a zombie revenge horror tale, told from the point of the view of the person who has come back from the dead and with very good reason for wanting that revenge. It is compulsive, page turning reading because you want to discover what happened to them in life as much as what is keeping them after death. The humans are as horrifying it turns out as any monster could be. At points there is very black humor, at others beautiful turns of phrase and sometimes simply a sad poignancy. It is written with a powerful voice and characters which, as with Frankenstein's monster, allows you to retain empathy for the protagonist no matter how disturbing the tale and question fundamental things such as the nature of humanity. Truly unique."

Dorothy Davies has written many stories, articles and books, but has never written anything like this before. She says "it took a lot out of her and she is still having difficulty in settling to other writing projects, even though this has been out now for some time."
Here are the buy links for the paperback and ebook directly from Horrified Press's shop at Lulu:
Meantime, look for Thirteen O'Clock Press anthologies, full of dark and dramatic stories edited by myself and Dorothy: 


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