Sunday, March 17, 2013

RARE--a Tale of Horror by George Wilhite

Excerpt from "Rare," a short story in Silhouette of Darkness

Jenna sunk her fork into the barely-cooked steak. She cut off a huge slab, devouring it as though she hadn’t eaten in days. The bloody juice trickled out of the corners of her mouth, and she sucked it back inside.
Watching his wife this way left Gary disgusted, yet speechless. He didn’t want to start another fight.

In the past, food seemed a non-issue for Jenna. She was never overweight or too thin. She just ate when she was hungry and always the right amount.

Now, this obsession with food.

But not just any food.

Meat. And the rarer the better.

In this story, Gary slowly discovers the secret behind his wife's recent bizarre cravings. But will he be too late?

Check out this story, and twelve other supernatural chillers. in Silhouette of Darkness, my latest colleciton from Musa Publishing.

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