Friday, December 14, 2012

More Poems of Holiday Dread from David S. Pointer

Santa Comes Down Hard

David S. Pointer

Spirit world, wide rims,
custom green glow paint
with photo shoot dolls
given atomic zombie up-
grades into digital files,
riding burning carousel
Christmas tree stands or
electrified stripper poles
near mob boss intestines
scripted in steamy red as
as reindeer teams roar
off in new electroplate
vests with igniter spark
plugs atop fiscal cliffs
as Wall Street reaches
after gifts Santa dumps
revised naughty list like
Vietnam era death cards

Three Untitled

David S. Pointer

zombie reindeer
slaughterhouse roof landing
snacks for team Santa

hero cape napkin
zombie elf wipes his lip
as Santa belches

chick band drumsticks
werewolf behind the kit
eats as he plays
Santa scalp wash rag
monster showers
with Mrs. Claus

David S. Pointer is the author of “Sinister Splashplay” that just received a 5/5 star review in the “Denver Examiner.” David also has a brand new book entitled “Sundrenched Nanosilver.” He has work in “Science Gone Mad” anthology.

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